The development

From the passion for golf sports and the love of the material wood, the idea emerged to develop a golf putter for individualists. Christian Schwarz met a challenge by combining a handmade piece of wood, perfectly designed, with a traditional putter.

This putter is adjustable to every person’s individuality and scores high in terms of aesthetics.

From the conception to the market introduction, it took the product around one and a half years.
Today Schwarz Putter offers its products internationally.

Schwarz Putter combines up-to-date technique with traditional craftsmanship.

The club’s base is manufactured with a highly precise, computer-controlled milling machine. The centerpiece is a wooden, handmade element, which is connected to a part of stainless steel.

Create your own golf putter.

Both, the wooden and the stainless steel elements can be designed individually. With this, every SCHWARZ PUTTER is one of a kind. The SCHWARZ PUTTER merges unique golfing experience with individual design.

Tested by professional players – suitable for every division

Amateur and professional players followed the developing process of SCHWARZ PUTTERS in order to create a perfect result for all divisions. The positive feedback from test players highlighted the even-rolling performance of the ball and the balanced head, which easily forgives mistakes.